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Wind-power has made impressive progress!

It has been growing globally at an annual rate of near 30% over the last decade.
Europe dominates the market both as consumers and producers of wind energy. The wind energy development in a few European countries has been impressive with more than 40,000 MW (equivalent to a single nuclear reactor) installed at the end of 2005, thus outperforming all predictions. This positive development is above all the outcome of highly dynamic policies in Denmark, Germany and Spain

One of biggest short term potential in the EU is the potential for offshore wind in the North Sea.
Wind potential in the North Sea was assessed to be nearly 2000 TWh, three times the combined electricity consumption of the 5 North Sea border countries.

This potential could be better developed through a co-ordinated effort from North Sea countries than by every individual member state.

The TEN-E should prioritize new renewable electricity grids, which would allow the funding of the necessary cables for its transport.

EU wind power capacity 2005

More about wind energy on the EWEA website

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