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A minimum income to fight precarity

Prices and the cost of living are rising. People struggle to pay their bills. More and more are at risk of poverty. We want to make sure that everyone can have a good life: a stable income, a safe home, hot meals every day and access to good quality public services.

There is enough money in the economy for everyone to live a life of dignity and freedom - as long as we stop the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few, and we move away from the old economic model that prevents investments in public services to cover people's basic needs.

As Greens/EFA we have been fighting for a EU-wide minimum income to ensure that every European can live a good life. But what does this mean? What is a minimum income? And how can it make our lives better? A minimum income would mean addressing the cost of living crisis in a way that is fair for all, and that everyone in the EU would be able to pay rent, buy healthy food, continue education, secure access to health care, and – most pressingly right now – cover our energy bills.

If we don't do this, not only will people continue to suffer, but the far right will find it easier to spread hate, fear and racism across Europe. The time to act is now!  Join us to listen to the stories of those who are pushing for a minimum income in the EU and Rennesand those who are benefitting from it, and to discuss how we can together ensure that everyone has a good life in dignity and joy!



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Person holding an EU flag in a crowd / CC0 Antoine Schibler
Person holding an EU flag in a crowd / CC0 Antoine Schibler
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Mounir Satouri