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Billion euro bailouts: will public cash lead to climate-friendly transport?

Webinar with Greens/EFA MEPs Jutta Paulus and Ciarán Cuffe


Planes, trains and cars - will big bailouts mean lower emissions ?

The recovery plan should be an opportunity to invest in much-needed public transport and cleaner travel, to ensure a true modal shift, reduce air pollution and contribute to climate action. During this webinar, organized by Greens/EFA Members of the European Parliament Jutta Paulus and Ciarán Cuffe, we will get together with Andrew Murphy, from Transport & Environment to discuss whether public money can turn transport green.

As key sectors like aviation and automobiles seek public funds to keep their sectors afloat, we ask what concrete conditionality governments should be demanding in return to ensure a greener future. We will also discuss the future of public transport, and the need for large scale investment across the EU, meaning more trams, more regular and zero-emission buses and true intermodality in our cities; an EU action plan and large scale financial support for the upgrading, extension and maintenance of railways, investments in trains, night-trains, cross-border rail connections and other rail transport related innovation. You can contribute to the debate online and would like to hear from you.. You can have a look on  our Greens/EFA recovery and resilience plan and send us your feedback.

Come join us on Thursday. Register here

This chat is part of our series 'What Europe/World do you want to return to?'. You can re-watch it here.

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