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How should the EU prevent and combat gender-based violence online

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In the 21st century, in the European Union, gender-based violence is manifesting everyday and everywhere. Women and girls can’t feel safe at homes, can’t feel safe when going out, can’t feel safe in public places and can’t feel safe even online.

Gender based cyber violence is a new face of this well-known phenomenon. Gender-based violence, both online and offline is a widespread violation of fundamental human rights and the most severe form of gender-based discrimination. The root causes of gender-based  violence in all its form are the same. 

Hate speech, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, trafficking and sexual exploitation, sharing content without consent, hacking, identity theft, cyberbullying. These are just examples. With evolving digitalisation and more time spent on-line, existing forms of gender-based cyber violence are evolving and new forms are emerging. As the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women noted, every new technology can give rise to different and new manifestations of online gender-based violence. 

The EU must act. Greens/EFA are calling on the European Commission to propose a comprehensive and inclusive directive to prevent, respond and end gender-based violence in all its forms, offline and online. At the same time, the European Parliament is working on an initiative legislative report on combating gender-based cyber violence. 

How should the new laws and policies be shaped to effectively prevent and combat gender-based violence online? 

Join our panel discussion with experts, civil society organisations, MEPs and a representative of the European Commission! 


Draft agenda

16.00-16.05 Welcoming words
MEP dr. Sylwia Spurek 

16.05-16.10 Opening remarks 
Helena Dalli, Commissioner for Equality, European Commission 

16.10-16.20 Keynote speech 
MEP dr. Sylwia Spurek

16.20-17.20 Panel discussion (including Q&A)
Moderated by Anna Błaszczak-Banasiak, Head of MEP Spurek Office

  • Seyi Akiwowo - CEO at Glitch UK - internationally recognised, charity working to make the online space safe for all, raising awareness of online abuse and its impact. 
  • Asha Allen - policy and campaigns officer at the European Women’s Lobby, coordinator of the #HerNetHerRightrs project 
  • Zuzanna Warso - Senior Research Analyst at Trilateral Research, co-author of a comprehensive report on cyber violence against women published by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights 

17.20-17.30 Closing remarks
MEP Kim Van Sparrentak


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