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The next CAP reform

Towards a sustainable farm income and an agro-ecological land use



The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) must undergo a fundamental reform to make it fit for today's challenges and to respond to society's demands to do no harm. We need to see a fair redistribution of EU funds so they reward sustainable land use that delivers for the public good, removing disparities between regions and states and targeting support for smaller farms and for those that provide quality jobs or environmental outputs. The much-needed transition to full sustainability requires the right investment of public funds so farmers can be supported in that process. In this way, we can achieve long term productivity and fertility within resilient food production systems and ensure fair, remunerative income for farmers, as well as diversified local economies and vibrant rural communities in a living countryside.

The Greens/EFA  have prepared  a policy paper to present their main political demands for the next CAP reform



Introduction to conference by Martin Häusling, Green MEP and AGRI Coordinator


Panel I: Land use for the public good (45m)

Introduction of first panel by Martin Häusling MEP

Issues discussed include: how we can limit land concentration and corporate control of land in the EU; examination of land concentration across EU, including Romania and eastern Germany; role of EU & national government in ensuring equitable access to land; how direct payments should be adapted to support a diversity of agricultural holdings; how to make healthy soils a CAP priority

Question and Answer (20mins)


Panel II on Crop Rotation: how to combine an economic and agronomic transition (40m)

Introduction of panel by Thomas Waitz MEP

Issues: how to implement crop rotation to increase biodiversity, improve soil health and enable sustainable income for farmers; what are the challenges and solutions of crop rotation, the role of advisory services in changing practices

Question and Answer (15mins)

Coffee break (10 mins)

Panel III: Cooperation towards a fair income (1h05)

Introduction of third panel by Maria Heubuch MEP

Issues: obstacles to a fair, remunerative income in the CAP; farmers collective action to match supply and demand; local and regional short supply chains; preventing and dealing with crises; ensuring farmers’ power in balance with processors, distributors and retailers; job creation; collective approaches to agro-environmental goods

Question and Answer (20mins)

Conclusions by Molly Scott Cato MEP                                 

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