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The Russian Presence in the European Energy Market

Policy solutions public conference


The objective of the Greens/EFA and Policy Solutions’ joint conference is to investigate and debate Russian energy investments in the EU and their overall impact. As significant portion of Russian FDI are connected to Russian energy exports, the European institutions and Member States face several dilemmas. First, the crucial role of Russian energy for the European economy and the key role of Russia in European energy supply creates a dependence that can automatically undermine any sanctions regime against Russia and leaves Europe vulnerable. Second, the large and growing role of the Russian state in Russian energy production and exports, and hence the massive direct influence it wields over an industry that is so vital for the economic operations of the EU. Third, the fact that Russian energy policy, exports and FDI are near exclusively directed at either fossil fuels, which make up a vast majority, or nuclear energy, while renewables play no role. Hence growing Russian investments imply more fossil fuel distribution or increased nuclear energy production, neither of which meshes with the long term objectives of European energy production and the energy mix the EU wishes to attain. The Conference on the Russian Presence in the European Energy Market starts with an opening address by MEP Benedek Jávor, followed by the presentation of a related study by Policy Solutions. The conference will feature two 1-hour panels. The first panel involves policy experts with knowledge of the role of Russian-EU ties in the area of energy. The second panel includes prominent representatives of different EU institutions bringing different perspectives to the debate. The conference will be closed by Rebecca Harms, Co-President of the Greens/EFA group. The conference is open for all interested experts, journalists and politicians.


15.00 – 15.15
Welcome coffee
15.15 – 15.30
Opening statements
Benedek Jávor Member of the European Parliament, Vice-Chair of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety 15.30 – 15.45
Presentation: Policy Solutions’ study on the Russian presence in the European energy market
Tamás Boros, Co-director of Policy Solutions Political Research Institute 15.45 – 16.45
Expert panel: How does Russia influence the European energy market? What are the consequences of Russian companies’ presence in Central and Eastern Europe?
  • András Deák
    Associate Fellow at the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs
  • Bronis Ropé
    Member of the European Parliament, Lithuania
  • Giedrius Česnakas
    Vice Dean of the Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy at Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania
Moderator: Benedek Jávor 16.45 – 17.45
Expert Debate: What is the European institutions’ attitude towards Russia in energy policy? Russia in the European energy market: pragmatic cooperation or political threat?
  • Heidi Hautala
    Vice Chair of the Group of the Greens/EFA, Member of the European Parliament
  • Carl Hartzell
    Senior Advisor at Cabinet of President Donald Tusk, European Council
  • Mechthild Wörsdörfer
    Director for Energy Policy, DG Energy, European Commission
Moderator: Rebecca Harms 17.45 – 18.10
Q+A session 18.10 – 18.30
Closing remarks

Rebecca Harms
Co-President of the Greens / EFA group  _____________________ Registration is required for this conference, so please register before 11 February 2016 at: benedek.javor@europarl.europa.eu

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Zuständige Abgeordnete

Rebecca Harms
Rebecca Harms
Die Grünen/EFA im Europäischen Parlament
Heidi Hautala
Heidi Hautala
Vize Präsidentin des Europäischen Parlaments für die Fraktion
Benedek Jávor
Benedek Jávor
Die Grünen/EFA im Europäischen Parlament
Bronis Ropė
Bronis Ropė
Die Grünen/EFA im Europäischen Parlament