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Webinar: “Freedom of Artistic Expression in the European Union”

Live Webinar hosted by EFA MEP Diana Riba i Giner

Launch Event / Live Webinar

Wednesday 14th July 2021 from 18.00 - 19.00

Live from La Model Barcelona

Rarely researched as an autonomous legal concept, Freedom of artistic expression (FoAE) has been often conflated with other rights or freedoms or treated as a part of a broader analysis of the general freedom of expression. This has resulted in a rather fragmented and superficial picture of what freedom of artistic expression is in a global context and, especially, at European level.

The present study, commissioned by MEP Diana Riba i Giner (Greens/EFA) to Culture Action Europe, off­ers a general overview of the global and European legislative framework and case-law, outlining further possible courses of action aiming at strengthening the legal protection of FoAE at a European level.

The launch of the report will be hosted by MEP Riba i Giner from La Model, former men’s prison in Barcelona and infamous symbol of Francoist repression in Catalonia. This illustrative space is the framework to open a dialogue with experts and with members of the civil society who still today, in Europe, are being confronted with repression and/or censorship.

The first step to encourage a discussion on how to shape an updated relevant and effective protection to the Artistic freedom as a fundamental pillar of any democratic system. 


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Photo by Mathurin NAPOLY / matnapo via Unsplash