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Das Anti-Atom-Mobil erreicht Brüssel

Green and Anti-Nuclear activists from the Baltic coast met with Greens/EFA Co-President and long time nuclear campaigner Rebecca Harms, and Green MEP and energy expert Claude Turmes today in the European Parliament.

The bus had most recently travelled from Berlin and ther was a very valuable exchange of views and ideas between the participants and the MEPs.

The idea behind the “Green Bus” is to promote and to strengthen antinuclear and pro-green-energy/pro-energy-democracy civic and political movements in Poland, Belarus, Estonia, Kaliningrad, Latvia and Lithuania.

The bus was realised through networking and cooperation between green parties, green think-tanks, green youth organisations and civic movements from the countries of the Baltic coast.

The Green Bus Project has a double aim

First of all it has a European dimension in skills and knowledge transfer for all regions struggling with the national nuclear programs and promoting green solutions.

Secondly it is a strong tool helping to develop and strengthen cooperation and network oriented actions both in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic Sea and at the EU level.

The final destination of the bus was Brussels where the participants also met with other groups such as the Green European Foundation and European Green Party.

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Person holding an EU flag in a crowd / CC0 Antoine Schibler
Person holding an EU flag in a crowd / CC0 Antoine Schibler

Zuständige Abgeordnete

Rebecca Harms
Rebecca Harms
Claude Turmes
Claude Turmes