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Posting of workers: Breakthrough for social Europe

Posting of Workers Directive

Late last night, the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council achieved a breakthrough in the negotiations on the revision of the Posting of Workers Directive. Under the agreement, workers who provide a service in an EU Member State other than their country of origin will benefit not only from the minimum wage but also from local collective agreements and shall be entitled to legally guaranteed travel, accommodation and meals allowances.
Terry Reintke, negotiator for the Green/EFA Group on the Posting of Workers Directive and social policy spokesperson for the group, comments:
"This is a breakthrough for social Europe. The revised Posting of Workers Directive provides better protection for posted workers from exploitation. Posted workers will have significantly more money in their pockets and be entitled to the same work related entitlements as their local colleagues. I am pleased that we were able to push through our demand for greater legal certainty for the most vulnerable workers. It will also become much easier to combat letterbox companies and other dubious business models. This is a great achievement for the protection of posted workers."
The European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission agree on key issues. Detailed questions will be clarified in further negotiations. Next date is March 19th.

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