We want to protect our climate and environment
for the generations
to come.  

We are pushing hard to phase out nuclear and dirty fossil fuels and shift to renewable energy.
This transition needs to be fair
for all.
We want clean and efficient transport to connect rural areas with our cities, and to make them better
places to live.
We act to preserve nature and the biodiversity for life to thrive in our fields and forests, skies and oceans.

We have defended a healthy environment for all by:

  • Convincing the European Parliament to ban a whole range of single-use plastics
  • Leading reform of organic farming and labelling; continuing the fight against GMOs
  • Ensuring that by 2030 one-third of all energy comes from renewable sources
  • Protecting bees by banning pesticides; bringing the authorisation of glyphosate down to 5 years
  • Introducing a regulation on CO2 emissions from trucks
  • Driving the phase out of palm oil as a biofuel

And we are still pushing for:

  • Massive European investment in sustainable transport and renewable energy sectors
  • A ban on all GMOs, on pesticides and other toxic substances
  • Fair, transparent, and effective trade in carbon emissions to help the energy transition
  • All direct payments within agriculture policy to be conditional on stronger support for climate, biodiversity and animal welfare
  • Rights for consumers to a transparent food supply chain