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A Frack-tivists Introduction to EU legislation

There is currently no overall EU framework for the extraction of unconventional fossil fuels (UFF), such as shale gas, shale oil and coal bed methane. And yet the industry argues that they are already one of the most regulated industries around…

The Greens/EFA Group are concerned about many aspects of UFF extraction - including the strain on water supplies, the impact on the environment and landscape, the contamination of drinking water, the chemicals both pumped into the rock and dislodged from the rocks, the effects on human health, the noise, the seismic of both the drilling and the several trucks needed at the sites.

EU legislation should, and in some cases already does, address these concerns.

This "fracktivists" introduction to EU legislation will cover:

  • How EU legislation works
  • What existing legislation there is
  • How it applies to shale gas
  • Where the gaps are in EU legislation
  • Why we need an overall EU framework


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