Climate Package offers lift-off for climate protection

The European Commission has presented its climate package on Delivering the European Green Deal. This first of its kind package of climate legislation is the roadmap for the EU to reach its climate target of at least 52.8% emissions reduction and 2.2% removed by carbon sinks by 2030, climate neutrality by 2050 and for the implementation of the Green Deal.

Conference on the Future of Europe

Let’s seize the unique opportunity this Conference is offering us to work towards a more democratic, more resilient, more socially just, more innovative, more efficient, fairer and greener Europe.

Are we fit for 2030?

It’s been called Fit for 55, Fit for 1.5 and now Fit for 2030. EU jargon aside, this new EU climate package is about our future on a liveable planet and finding a fair way to get there.

Get active for the climate this summer

Get active for the climate this summer: join us at a climate camp near you! Climate camps are used for nonviolent action for people to meet, train, exchange ideas and strategize for climate action.

Ignazio Corrao Rosa D’Amato Eleonora Evi Piernicola Pedicini
Opinion by Ignazio Corrao & Rosa D’Amato & Eleonora Evi & Piernicola Pedicini

Italy needs a green recovery

Despite some good last-minute changes, the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan greenlit by the European Commission still seems unable to face the challenges ahead of Italy after COVID-19, write Greens/EFA Italian MEPs, Rosa D’Amato, Ignazio Corrao, Eleonora Evi and Piernicola Pedicini. We need a path that leads towards a more sustainable economy, and a fair and inclusive society.



Credit : Lola Merce

A destructive deal for biodiversity


Credit : Lola Merce

A devastating impact on forests


Credit : Lola Merce

Fuelling conflict and human rights violations


Credit : Lola Merce

A trade-off at the expense of animal welfare

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