Plenary Flash 2-5 October 2023

On the agenda this week: debate on the European Media Freedom Act, MFF, appointment and new responsibilities of Wopke Hoekstra and Marius Sefcovic, impact of the proposed extension of glyphosate in the EU, Asylum and Migration Package, ...

Green Social Summit

On 29 and 30 September, the Green Social Summit will gather 300 leaders from across Europe to discuss how to build a stronger European Union based on social and ecological justice, and centered on human dignity. It will be a chance to discuss with politicians, trade unions, civil society organisations, experts and academia, and find common solutions to the most pressing crises facing the European Union

Greens/EFA urge the Council to ban glyphosate

Today, the Commission published their proposal to renew the authorisation to use glyphosate for an additional 10 years. The Council will now hold an exchange of views and is expected to vote on the proposal in mid October. Greens/EFA group urge the Council to not approve the Commission's proposed prolongation but instead ban the use of glyphosate within the EU.

Tax the rich: from slogan to reality

Having fair societies where everyone contributes proportionately is not a dream, it can be a reality, all it takes is the political will to put the billions at the service of the millions.

Ban glyphosate (and protect our nature)

Glyphosate, the acting agent in Roundup, is a pesticide not only used in farming, but also in urban areas. And we know it is devastating for biodiversity: it just kills (almost) everything.

We don’t need glyphosate for productive farming, nor for weed control. Glyphosate should be banned.

Five years ago, we were very close to banning glyphosate in Europe, with millions of Europeans citizens calling a for it. However, in a very close vote in the Council of Ministers the use was approved for another five years.

This year the European Commission started a new process of approval for glyphosate. But while millions of Europeans have been asking to end the use of glyphosate for years, the European Commission and EU member states refuse to listen. They are expected to renew approval of glyphosate-use soon in a closed-door meeting.

In the coming weeks, we have the chance to ban the use of glyphosate in Europe.