Fighting for a humane EU Migration Pact

We continue to tragically lose lives in the Mediterranean sea and on EU shores. People are suffering while seeking safety and protection in EU countries. Read more about the Greens/EFA Group's fight for a humane Migration Pact.

No more fossil fuels, more renewables, climate justice now

At COP28 in Dubai, Greens/EFA MEPs, climate activists, economists and scientists are asking to urgently keep to the Paris Agreement.

Greens/EFA statement on the passing of Michèle Rivasi

The Greens/EFA Group is deeply saddened by the death of our colleague Michèle Rivasi. Our Group and the European Parliament are today losing a political figure who, throughout her career, sought above all to defend the public interest.

Beyond borders, beyond boundaries

The Greens/EFA in the European Parliament commissioned a study carried out by Profundo, ARCI, EuroMed Rights and Action Aid, on how EU funding is linked to human rights violations in neighbouring countries, such as Tunisia and Libya.

Debriefing of the November Plenary Session

Greens/EFA priorities for the plenary week included a debate on the humanitarian situation in Gaza, COP28, pesticides, the New Zealand trade agreement, Hungary, Right to Repair, jobs in a Just Transition and more.

Parliament wants to make repairs simpler, faster & cheaper

The European Parliament will adopt its trilogue negotiating mandate on the Right to Repair. The Right to Repair will see the obligation for manufacturers to repair their products for a certain period of time and the prioritisation of repair over replacement in the event of a product defect during the statutory guarantee period.

There’s still time to push back against throwaway culture

The European Parliament voted on its position on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation ahead of the trilogue negotiations. Although the Parliament did not back some of the most ambitious measures proposed by the Commission, this marks the beginning of the pushback against the disposable giants.

Member States fail to ban glyphosate - Greens/EFA urge Commission to act

Member States missed their last chance to ban the use of glyphosate for the next decade. The Commission will now take a decision on the renewal of the use of glyphosate. The Greens/EFA urge the Commission to take into account the overwhelming scientific proof of the dangers of using glyphosates both for peoples health and for nature

Ban glyphosate (and protect our nature)

Glyphosate, the acting agent in Roundup, is a pesticide not only used in farming, but also in urban areas. And we know it is devastating for biodiversity: it just kills (almost) everything.

We don’t need glyphosate for productive farming, nor for weed control. Glyphosate should be banned.

Five years ago, we were very close to banning glyphosate in Europe, with millions of Europeans citizens calling a for it. However, in a very close vote in the Council of Ministers the use was approved for another five years.

This year the European Commission started a new process of approval for glyphosate. But while millions of Europeans have been asking to end the use of glyphosate for years, the European Commission and EU member states refuse to listen. They are expected to renew approval of glyphosate-use soon in a closed-door meeting.

In the coming weeks, we have the chance to ban the use of glyphosate in Europe.