Niklas Nienass
Opinion by Niklas Nienass

Just transition in the regions - how renewable energy can create jobs and benefit local communities

Renewable energy sources create jobs and economic activity covering a much wider area than conventional energy industries. With clever regional policy, we can maximise the positive impact and create a just transition that serves local communities instead of big business.

EU governments miss chance to take concrete action against attacks on rule of law and postpone response to rising energy prices

The Council and the EU Commission must defend European values, democracy, the rule of law and the rights of Polish citizens. Greens/EFA demand that the Article 7 procedure be pushed forward. On energy prices, the EU needs to end billions in fossil fuel subsidies and invest in 100 percent renewables, sustainable infrastructure and energy efficiency.

Saskia Bricmont
Opinion by Saskia Bricmont

Facial recognition in European cities: What you should know about biometric mass surveillance

As an effort to promote privacy and human rights in the EU, we at Greens/EFA got together with a team of international experts to understand where biometric mass surveillance is put to use all over Europe. Find out what we learned, and why must take action to ban the use of these technologies now - before it is too late.

Now is the moment to end fossil fuel financing & stay within reach of 1.5 C of global warming

Members of the European Parliament debated the EU’s position ahead of the COP26 Climate talks in Glasgow next month. Current national plans (NDCs) would still lead to an increase by about 16% of global GHG emissions by 2030 compared to 2010. Greens/EFA call on the European Commission and EU member states to show leadership and declare the end to fossil fuel financing, and translate it into binding legislation.

The future of online advertising

Our digital world today is recording and tracking user’s every move, creating detailed profiles of users to show them relevant adverts targeted at their interests. It has not always been this way in the online world. This report explores concerns surrounding the practice of tracking-based advertising today and examines in detail the most significant trends in the adtech market

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Biometric and behavioural mass surveillance in EU Member states


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Debriefing of the October II plenary session


MEPs call out role of EU politicians, UK & US in money laundering, tax evasion & avoidance