Greens/EFA Group vote for von der Leyen after securing major wins for people & planet

The Greens/EFA Group has secured commitments from the new President to continue the Green Deal, protect democracy and build a more socially just Europe. This vote confirms a four-group democratic majority in the House and prevents the far-right from driving the agenda of the EU over the next five years.

Greens/EFA MEP Nicolae Ștefănuță elected European Parliament Vice President

On 16 July, Greens/EFA MEP Nicolae Ștefănuță was elected European Parliament Vice President. He is a tireless campaigner for equality, youth rights and transparency and has single handedly built a thriving green movement in Romania. This is his second term in the European Parliament.

Greens/EFA concerns about Prime Minister Orbán's visit to Moscow

In this situation, the visit of the Prime Minister of Hungary to Moscow represents a clear breach of the principle of sincere cooperation and massively damages the Union's reputation.

Greens/EFA Group elects bureau

On Tuesday 25 June, the Greens/EFA Group elected the members to make up its bureau. Seven Vice-Presidents will sit in the Bureau with the two Co-Presidents.

Greens/EFA welcome Council finally adopts historic Nature Restoration Law

The environment ministers finally approved the Nature Restoration Law. The approval has for months been deadlocked in the Council, but following the announcement last night by Leonore Gewessler, Green minister for Climate and Nature in Austria, that Austria would vote in favour of the legislation, the Council was able to adopt this historic Nature Restoration Law.

Volt MEPs join Greens/EFA Group for new mandate

We are pleased to announce that the five Volt MEPs are joining the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament following a large majority of Volt members’ decision over the weekend.

Greens/EFA Group elects Bas Eickhout and Terry Reintke as Co-Presidents

On June 19th, the Greens/EFA Group elected Bas Eickhout, and re-elected Terry Reintke, as Co-Presidents of the Group. A press point with Terry Reintke and Bas Eickhout is organized on the same day at 14.00 today outside the Greens/EFA Group room (JAN6Q2) where they will be taking questions.


Two women facing security cameras mounted on wall above / CC0 Matthew Henry
Two women facing security cameras mounted on wall above / CC0 Matthew Henry
making it green together illustration
making it green together illustration