Behind the smokescreen

In 2018 the European Court of Justice ruled that new gene-edited organisms are covered by the EU’s GMO laws. The ruling galvanised a concerted lobbying response by promoters of new GM technology to get these new GMOs exempted from the EU’s GMO laws. What are these groups? Why would they promote a weakening of the EU’s GMO legislation?

Energy price crisis – Practical solutions to energy poverty

Policy experts and grassroots organisations from across Europe will be there to discuss workable actions and policies to overcome energy poverty.

EU Directive on Adequate Minimum Income

We need an EU Directive on Adequate Minimum Income to ensure that everyone has a living income that provides them with the financial resources needed to ensure a life in dignity.

Greening monetary policy in times of soaring inflation

The ECB is under pressure to act, but how can monetary policy address fossil fuel-driven inflation without threatening the green transition? Register and join us on 28 September.

Stand with Ukraine: Let's stop fuelling war!

Europe's addiction to gas and oil from Russia funds Putin’s war in Ukraine. It's now more urgent than ever to make the EU energy independent!

We need a renovation revolution. Time to insulate homes, to save energy, and to accelerate our transition into renewable energy so we immediately reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

We must end this energy dependency and accelerate to a 100% renewable economy.

By doing so, we help the people of Ukraine fight for their freedom.

Show your support for Ukraine and spread the message.



Find our updates and demands on how to help Ukraine


© European Union 2022 - Source : EP
© European Union 2022 - Source : EP

MEPs recognise Hungary no longer fully democratic


People sitting in a bus / CC0 matthew henry
People sitting in a bus / CC0 matthew henry

Working but poor - How the EU could fix decent minimum wages for everyone


Wind turbines in a field/ CC0 Alex Eckermann
Wind turbines in a field/ CC0 Alex Eckermann

Accelerating the European renewable energy transition