Public consultation on new genetic modification techniques

Greens/EFA MEPs write to express their views on the European Commission’s plan to introduce a separate legislation for genetically modified (GM) plants produced by certain “new genomic techniques”. Greens/EFA oppose the introduction of separate legislation for products of new genetic modification (GM) techniques such as targeted mutagenesis and cisgenesis.

Commission rule of law report: Sharper analysis but lacks bite

The Commission has released its third annual Rule of Law Report. The report focuses on justice systems, anti-corruption frameworks, media freedom and pluralism, and institutional checks and balances. For the first time, the report contains country specific recommendations on the rule of law and suggests concrete actions to be taken

A fair future of work: the opportunity of the platform work directive

Join us for a discussion with an exciting line-up of speakers on the opportunities that the proposal on the platform workers directive offers in shaping the future of work. How do we make sure tech innovation delivers decent jobs and fair conditions for workers and real autonomy for those genuine...

Benoît Biteau Karima Delli Bas Eickhout Ernest Urtasun
Opinion by Benoît Biteau & Karima Delli & Bas Eickhout & Ernest Urtasun

Stop speculators gambling with our food and energy prices - and our lives

Food prices are going up, but who is profiting? What is food speculation and how does it drive up prices for basic foods that we rely on, like grain and wheat? And what can we do to tackle this problem?

European Security Union

The EU needs a modern, credible and effective security and defence policy, capable of responding rapidly to challenges. Now is the time to step up our ambition to realise these goals.

Stop the greenwashing - Why this EU Taxonomy is not green at all

Leading up to plenary vote in July we will be covering different angles as to why the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament will not accept this greenwashing, this EU Taxonomy.

Stand with Ukraine: Let's stop fuelling war!

Europe's addiction to gas and oil from Russia funds Putin’s war in Ukraine. It's now more urgent than ever to make the EU energy independent!

We need a renovation revolution. Time to insulate homes, to save energy, and to accelerate our transition into renewable energy so we immediately reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

We must end this energy dependency and accelerate to a 100% renewable economy.

By doing so, we help the people of Ukraine fight for their freedom.

Show your support for Ukraine and spread the message.



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Food cannot be fuel for Europe’s aeroplanes


Rebecca Cruz (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
People oder Profits

Human crises can’t mean corporate profits - the case for an EU-wide windfall tax


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Abortion Rights Protest

Roe v Wade - How the US Supreme Court ruling affects abortion rights in Europe