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Chernobyl - where have you been ?

Chernobyl disaster in Members' memory

Angelika Beer: "A catastrophe that galavanized us" (in German)

Eva Lichtenberger: "The bunker in the garage" (in German)

Sepp Kusstatscher: "Horror and enragement" (in German)

Elisabeth Schroedter: "The arrogance of the responsibles - in the past and in the present" (in German)

Claude Turmes: "Spooky atmonsphere in gym class" (in German)

Satu Hassi: "Women in birth strike" (Audio document)



A Transformed EU External Action for a Climate-Just World

Paris aligned EU external action for a climate just wo…


CC Heine Christiansen
Bee Red Flower

EU nature restoration law


digital technologies study cover

Digital technologies in Europe


Phone Repair. Circular Economy

MEPs send a letter to the European Commission on a Eur…

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