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Action and exhibition on light bulbs

To support the Written Declaration Nr 29 which asks for a prohibition on the sale of incandescent light bulbs in the EU, the Greens/EFA hosted a stand in the European Parliament in Brussels. It concretely showed 3 different kind of light bulbs:

  • The incandescent light bulb (60 W with 3 W used in lighting and 57 W wasted in heat)
  • The Compact Fluorescent Light bulb (CFL) (11 W with 3 W used in lighting and only 8 W wasted in heat)
  • The brand new Light Emitting Diode (LED) light bulb (4W with 2 W for lighting and only 2 W wasted in heat)

The 3 light bulbs have the same light output but the difference in their environmental impact is huge, especially in terms of energy consumption and therefore of greenhouse gas emissions (see the light bulb comparison table).

The Written Declaration was launched by Greens/EFA MEPs C. Lucas and S. Hassi together with 3 other MEPs and needs to get at least 393 signatures of MEPs (50% of them) to be adopted as the position of the European Parliament.

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