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Conference on Health services and health care across the EU


Seminar Proceedings and Documentation

  • Presentation of Rita Baeten: Health Services within the EU legal background and debate
  • Presentation of Ruth Paserman: Activities in the area of health in DG Employment and Social Affairs 
  • Presentation of Jens Gobrecht: Who is steering health systems? “Health services and Health care across the EU: The impact of European Integration on national healthcare systems” 
  • Presentation of Peter P. Groenewegen and Judith D. de Jong: The new Dutch health insurance law: influence on organisation and access to care 
  • Presentation of Wlodzimierz Wlodarczyk: Impact of enlargement on the Polish system 
  • Presentation of Andre Cicolella: La situation en France 
  • Presentation of Jakob Hansen: The Danish health care system-choice and mobility 
  • Presentation of Paul de Raeve: Health services and Health care across the EU 
  • EFN position paper on the services directive 
  • EFN good practice guidance for international nurse recruitment
  • Health and social services by Rita Baeten (Also available in French)
  • Refonder le système de santé pour faire face aux épidémies modernes by André Cicolella
  • ECJ Judgements concerning cross border Health Care 1998-2006 By Roos van der Velde
  • Sante Vert 
  • EuGH-Urteile zur grenzüberschreitenden Inanspruchnahme von Gesundheitsdienstleistungen 



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Kim interviews Ken Loach


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