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Energy efficiency action plan

MEPs call for no further delay of the EU Energy Efficiency Action Plan

The plan's publication was promised to Heads of government for mid-September and is so-far still unpublished. There are obviously certain pressures inside the Commission to further delay it, even until the publication of the Energy package in January.

Ahead of this meeting between M. Barroso and M. Piebalgs, the Energy Intelligent Europe MEP platform - a cross-party group composed of Mechtild Rothe, Fiona Hall, Claude Turmes (Greens/EFA), Chris Davies, Anders Wijkman and Umberto Guidoni - addressed yesterday a joint letter to both Commissioners.

The MEPs are very concerned about this delay that they qualify as being unnecessary and counterproductive.

The Finnish Eu presidency (via the Finnish prime minister itself) has also seriously increased the pressure on the Commission to adopt a draft action plan on energy efficiency by threatening to cancel a meeting of EU energy ministers on this topic in November.
The Green-10 coalition of environmental NGOs exerted also pressure and called for stronger measures than those contained in the draft plan.

For full infomation:
MEPs letter to the Commission (pdf)
Green-10 letter



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