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Energy efficiency in the EU

Member states not serious on energy efficiency action plan

In their NEEAPs, Member States should show how they intend to reach the 9% indicative energy saving target by 2016 compared to 2008. The energy savings are measured from 1.1.2008 until the end of 2016 with a 9% target in 9 years, i.e. about 1% annual savings. The Member States have also to describe which energy efficiency improvement programmes and measures they are putting in place to accomplish the savings target and to comply with the other provisions of the Directive, including the exemplary role of the public sector.

After having submitted their first NEEAPs the Member States must submitt a second one by 30 June 2011 and a third one by 30 June 2014. The Commission will report on those NEEAPs after 6 months.

This current weak mobilisation of Member States will make it even more difficult to meet the EU's 2020 target. Actually even if the 9% increase in energy efficiency by 2016 target was successfully met, this would leave the EU with a tough task ahead to meet its objective to reduce energy consumption by 20% by 2020.



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