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Global temperature change

New study confirms rapid increase of global temperatures in the last 30 years

The study (1) underlines the fact that global surface temperatures increased 0.2°C per decade in the past 30 years, which is similar to the warming rate predicted in the 1980s in initial simulations. With this fast increase in global temperatures, we are currently at about 1°C close to the maximum ever reached in one million years!

The geographical distribution of global warming shows a stronger warming in the Artic region and lower impact on the oceans due to the thermal exchanges with colder sea water of the depths.

The authors conclude that a global warming of more than 1°C, relative to 2000, will be dangerous climate change, especially when linked to the effects on sea level and extermination of species.

For the full article go to:

(1) James Hansen et al., Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, 26 September 2006



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