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Green European Space Policy


Space is a common heritage of humankind and should be used for the benefit and in the interest of all humans. This belief lies at the centre of our international space politics. Our focus is on the civil, peaceful exploration of space and we actively advocate for international cooperation to achieve this end. For us, the role of earth observation in the space sector is important because measuring and fighting climate change is the key task for humanity in the upcoming decades. We want to make sure that access to and the exploration of space - whether through astronautical activities or astronomical observations - does not just remain the privilege of a few richnations. Space must remain accessible and usable for future generations.
Potentials for humanity are diverse but we also advocate to reconcile today’s activities with the prevention of medium and long-term risks associated with space activities. The EU should play a pivotal role in international space policy, expand international scientific cooperation, maintain its independent access to space and strengthen its astronaut programme. We oppose the militarization of space and we will work together with international partners to stop the current trend of threats and military exercises in space. Space must not be used for the storage of weapons of any kind.



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Green European Space Policy

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