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Strasboug Flash - September I

Priorities of the Greens/EFA group for the Strasbourg session 3-6 September

Monday, 3 September

- Commission declaration on the forest fires in Greece: consequences and future prevention. The Greens are concerned about the failure to reforest and development in former forest land.

Tuesday, 4 September

- Session Briefing with Greens/EFA Co-Presidents Monica Frassoni and Dany Cohn-Bendit - 10.20-10.40, Press Conference Room
- Press conference with Alyn Smith on a Brazil beef import ban, 15.00, Press Room
- Report (Sender) on freight transport logistics 
- Report (Foglietta) on reducing alcohol-related harm

Wednesday, 5 September

- Debate with the Council and Commission on the 'fight against terrorism'
- Report (Martinez-Orzco) on human rights in relation to third countries

Thursday, 6 September
- Debate on breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law


* There will be no detailed Strasbourg Flash for the September I session. The detailed Strasbourg Flash will return for the September II session.


Low waters of the Rhine river in summer 2022 / CC0 Bernd Dittrich
Low waters of the Rhine river in summer 2022 / CC0 Bernd Dittrich
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Visual Porto 2023 Statement

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