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The nuclear endgame

Nuclear is not the solution!

The international nuclear lobby is full of confidence: "Our industry is not in the defensive mindset that it was in before. On the contrary, we must now make the most of the nuclear revival and go on the offensive." (1)

What nuclear revival?
How relevant is nuclear energy?
Has the nuclear sector solved its problems?
Are the facilities safe and a new Chernobyl excluded?
Is nuclear waste safely stored for the millennia to come?
Are all the costs paid for, now and forever?
Is misappropriation of nuclear material impossible?
Does nuclear energy prevent climate change?
Do people want nuclear power?

In fact, the nuclear industry has never solved its historic problems and new problems have constantly popped up.

Nuclear power is dangerous,
linked to weapons,
a terrorist target,
in decline and

Read more in our document "The nuclear endgame" (pdf)



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