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Political squabbling sets back accession prospects

The European Parliament today adopted a report on Albania's progress towards EU membership. After the vote, Green foreign affairs spokesperson Marije Cornelissen said:

“The EP has today made clear that Albania needs to do more work on justice, corruption and democracy before it can take a step forward in the EU accession process.

"The lack of cooperation between Albanian politicians, in government and in parliament, is a major cause of concern ahead of a decision by EU leaders on Albania's progress. Three laws, whose passage is an essential part of the EU accession process, are blocked in parliament because of a power struggle on a complete different subject.

"While there had been some progress after years of political stalemate, the political unrest has sadly returned ahead of forthcoming elections. It is high time that Albanian politicians worked in the interest of the Albanian people. Free and fair elections provide legitimacy to democratic institutions and are necessary for good governance and progress towards the European Union.”

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