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After the Panama Papers: towards fair corporate taxation in Europe

After the Panama Papers the Green Group in the European Parliament pushed hard for political action and played a leading role in obtaining an inquiry committee, which started working in July 2016. There are also several national and regional inquiry committees to examine current tax practices of member states, international banks as well as transnational companies.


  • How can we strengthen the role of national green parties pushing for more tax justice? How can we use the current dynamic to position us as the leading political voice for social justice in Europe?
  • How can national parties and the Greens in the European Parliament deepen their cooperation in the case of the Panama Papers Inquiry committee? How is cooperation and interconnection of European tax experts possible in this framework?
  • What impact will the possible Brexit bring for the EU tax policies? Is the UK going to be the next tax haven? Since half of the tax havens revealed in the Panama Papers are in British territories, how will we deal with those after Brexit and how can the committee have an impact on this very issue?  




Moderator: Juliette Garside, Guardian



  • Tove Ryding, Eurodad
  • Andy Wightman, Green Member of the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Greens
  • Michel Reimon, Green Member of the European Parliament
  • Georges Gilkinet, Green Parliamentarian, Ecolo
  • Alicia García-Herrero, Bruegel (tbc)


The event will be divided in several rounds of questions with interaction with the public.



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Responsible MEPs

Michel Reimon
Michel Reimon

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