Protesters face riot police in Belarus
CC0 Andrew Keymaster - Protesters face riot police in Belarus


The last dictatorship in Europe

What next for Belarus?

After Lukashenka blatantly stole presidential elections, hundreds of thousands continue peacefully protesting against the dictatorship in Belarus, in the very heart of Europe. Lukashenka‘s regime brutally retaliates against anyone showing resistance and bravery. Among thousands of arbitrarily and illegally detained were also our Green members from Belarus.

On September 17, at 14:00 CET, join our Webinar hosted by three Green MEPs - Viola von Cramon, Sergey Lagodinsky, and Markéta Gregorová - to discuss:·         

  • Why are people protesting in Belarus?
  • What are the wider regional implications of the Belarusian peaceful revolution?
  • What can the EU do to support the protesters in their righteous fight?

Our Guests are:

  • Franak Viačorka: a Minsk Based Journalist and analyst at a forefront of informing the international audience
  •  Irina Sukhy: a long-time Green from Belarus who was recently detained by Lukashenka’s regime