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Cala! Shut Up! Calla! Tais-toi! Cállate! Pofa be!

Attacks on Freedom of Speech and the Press in Europe


This public conference in the European Parliament will look at the challenges faced by journalists and others in their work, with a particular focus on the current situation in Europe.

Panelists will include journalists from diverse media as well as activists from a range of backgrounds.



9:00h Panel 1: THE WORD

  • Beatriz Talegón. Journalist and activist.
  • Suso de Toro. Writer.
  • Ana Pardo de Vera. Director of Journal Público.

09:45h Panel 2: THE NET

  • Boro LH Journalist “Kaos en la Red”, “La Haine”.
  • Alex García. Youtuber.

10:15h Panel 3: THE MUSIC. Spanish musicians condemned by the Justice to jail:

  • Pablo Hasél. Rapper condemned to jail.
  • Ariadna Suari: Support Group Valtonyc.
  • Iván Leszno: La Insurgencia and Support Group La Insurgencia.

11:00h Coffee Break


11.30h Panel 4: THE WRITING.

  • Barbara Spinelli. Rapporteur on “Media pluralism and media freedom in the EU”.
  • Bénedek Jávor. MEP Greens/EFA (Hungary).
  • Aníbal Malvar. Journalist.
  • Jean Quatremer. Correspondant Libération Brussels.

12:15h Panel 5: THE IMAGE

  • Isabel Risco, actress.
  • Representative of Galician public TV.



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Responsible MEPs

Benedek Jávor
Benedek Jávor
Ana Miranda
Ana Miranda
Judith Sargentini
Judith Sargentini
Jordi Solé i Ferrando
Jordi Solé i Ferrando
Josep Maria Terricabras
Josep Maria Terricabras
EFA President and first Vice President of the Greens/EFA Group

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