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Economic landscape under the new Telecommunications Code

How will the new co-investment rules and new obligations affect small providers in the EU


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Competition has been the driver for investment and better services for Europeans under the current legislative framework. The new framework looks towards future deployments and aims to continue a competition based model with added incentives for investment, putting in place a co-investment system for the current and future big market players. Small commercial players and the community networks are the seeds of innovation and have the potential for growth either through better offers or disruptive technologies that cover traditional and previously unexplored markets. For them, it is important to create a framework that provides incentives for competition, investment and does not block their way to operate.
A growth model based solely on incentives is a transitory one, reliant on the lifecycle of the incentives, while a competition based model is sustainable and capable of delivering the best results for consumers. And the positive impact on consumers should be the ultimate goal of legislation. In that regard, the event is offering a platform for debate on the obligations for providers, especially small and community networks, the benefits of a clear framework and the potential changes in the relation between the providers and the consumers.
Co-organisers: MEPs Julia Reda, Max Andersson, Jan Philipp Albrecht


15:00 - 15:20

Short opening by moderator - Keynote speaker: MEP Julia Reda

15:20 - 16:20

Panel 1: Co-Investment (Incentives - Deployment) - Q&A


  • Whelan Anthony, Director, Electronic Communications Networks and Services, DG CNECT European Commission
  • Johannes Theiss, Director European & International Affairs, BREKO German Broadband Association
  • Johannes Gungl, Chair BEREC, Managing Director of RTR (Austria)
  • Dr Maria Michalis, Researcher in the EU Horizon 2020 research project on Internet community networks netcommons.eu
  • Ramon Roca, Board & Co-founder at guifi.net


16:20 - 16:30

Coffee Break

16:30 - 17:30

Panel 2: Obligations for small providers (Consumer Rights, security etc) - Q&A


  • Evangelos Ouzounis, Head of Secure Infrastructure & Services - ENISA
  • Bruno Veluet, CEO of Leonix, Paris based B2B ISP member of AOTA 
  • Caty Nymann, Chair, Communication Networks Regulation Working Group, DIGITALEUROPE
  • Panayotis Antoniadis, co-founder at NetHood


Moderator: Dave Keating

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The event will be webstreamed via our website. Interpretation will be available in English and German.

Those who do not have a pass/badge to enter the European Parliament will be welcomed in front of the Altiero Spinelli entrance at 14:30.


Responsible MEPs

Jan Philipp Albrecht
Jan Philipp Albrecht
Max Andersson
Max Andersson
Felix Reda
Felix Reda

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