Brown coal event


Environmental & Cultural Sustainability in Lužyca/Lausitz

Greens/EFA Conference



Final Programme

16h30 - 16h40 - François Alfonsi, EFA President

Welcoming word.

16h40 - 16h55 - Hannes Wilhelm­ Kell, President of Lužycka Alianca/Lausitzer Allianz

The impact of brown coal mines and thermal power plants on the water balance and air quality.

16h55 - 17h10 - Franziska “Ska” Keller, MEP Greens/EFA

Introduction on the brown coal exploitation: An ecological catastrophe.

17h10 - 17h25 - Thomas Burchardt, Klinger Runde (Civic initiative against new Coal mines)

The real role of coal industries and governments, actual situation with Vattenfall.

17h25 - 17h40 - Jill Evans, MEP EFA/Greens

The importance of environmental/cultural sustainability. The Welsh example.

17h40 - 18h00 - Thomas Burchardt, (Mitglied Domowina Forst) und Milenka Rjecčyna, (Redakteurin Serbske Nowiny)

Discussion about the Sorbian culture and language under threat, example resettlement of Horno.

18h00 - 18h15 - Hannes - Wilhelm Kell, President of Lužycka Alianca/Lausitzer Allianz

Democratic accountability and the need to establish a Sorbian Parliament

18h15 - 18h45 - Q&A

18h45 - 18h55 - Conclusion remarks by François Alfonsi