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European Sustainable Tech Day

Celebrate the role of Regions and Cities in the green and digital transition


The event will take place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg in room R3.1 



Cities across Europe are calling for a sustainable consumption of digital technologies and demand durability and repairability for the technologies they use. The ambition of this European Sustainable Tech Day is to affirm that  cities can take a role in limiting the number of devices and promoting e-waste collection to limit pollution at the end of-life. 

One of the challenges European institutions must take on is to guide cities, regions towards initiatives that can help them lead to a digital and green transition. 

Today’s European Sustainable Tech Day will be an opportunity to celebrate cities and regions who are ensuring that the digital transition does not hamper the ecological transition.

This event aims at exchanging best practices when it comes to greening our tech and encouraging the organization of a European Sustainable Tech Day to stimulate and spread initiatives on how best to use sustainable technologies.

-----  The event will take place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg in room R3.1  -----


Welcome words by David Cormand, Member of the European Parliament

15: 45
Introduction by Caroline Zorn, delegated local councillor 

Round of sharing experiences 

16:45 - 16:55
Q&A and reactions by policy-makers 

Conclusion by MEP



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Responsible MEPs

David Cormand
David Cormand

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