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Green Tech Talk: new digital economy for workers, consumers & the environment

Join us on Thursday 30th June - 10:00 - 14:00 CEST,  for our Green Tech talk in Brussels on the opportunity offered by the twin transition for our workers and the planet.

Greens/EFA MEPs  David Cormand, Anna Cavazzini and Marcek Kolaja will join us for an inspiring exchange with key stakeholders on how Europe can pave the way  to a green digital economy that benefits workers, consumers and the environment. This discussion is taking place after the European Commission has announced a legislative initiative on the right to repair for September this year.

Green Tech Talk is resuming in-person. The event will take place at the European Parliament, Room SPAAK 3C50 (BRU).
Online attendance will still be possible.
Should you want to  join in person or online, please register below.

Interpretation in EN, DE, FR, CS will be provided.

Coffee and lunch will be served.



Opening and welcome

MEP David Cormand
Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium Petra de Sutter

Panel 1 - Results of the Greens/EFA study on the environmental impacts of digital technologies and discussion on the environmental impacts of digital

First panel will be an occasion to discuss the methodology used to assess the environmental impacts of digital technologies and the importance of such methodology for the accountability and transparency of the tech industry.

  • Ilias Iakovidis, DG CONNECT, European Commission
  • Lorraine de Montenay, Green IT
  • David Cormand, MEP
  • Raphaël Guastavi, ADEME 

11:00  Coffee break

Panel 2 - How will the shift to circular business models in the tech industry advantage European workers and employers?

Second panel will be an opportunity to discuss how greening the tech"  will lead to the development of circular business models (repair, maintenance, sharing) and the creation of new jobs.

  • MEP Anna Cavazzini
  • Déborah Goll, European DIGITAL SME Alliance
  • Peter Pawlicki, Electronics Watch

11:50 Coffee break

Panel 3 -  Which opportunities are available to make the right to repair become reality?

Third panel will be an occasion to discuss some of the remaining legal barriers and opportunities to make the right to repair become reality (Revision of Product Liability Directive, and copyright legislation).

  • MEP Marcel Kolaja
  • Mark Beamish, European Commission, DG GROW, Digital Transformation of Industry
  • Patrycja Gautier, Team Leader, Senior Legal Officer, BEUC
  • Anthony Rosborough, Researcher, Department of Law, European University Institute

12: 45

13:00 Lunch

14:00  End of the conference



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Due Diligance Directive
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Right to Repair
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Responsible MEPs

Anna Cavazzini
Anna Cavazzini
David Cormand
David Cormand
Marcel Kolaja
Marcel Kolaja
EP Quaestor, Member

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