Greens/EFA Study Days

1-2 October 2013


Tuesday, 1st October

15h00-18h30: Working session

  • 15h00-16h30: Preparation of the plenary session
  • 16h30-18h30: Debate "State of play 8 months before the European elections"

Wednesday, 2nd October

09h00-12h30: Working session

  • Exchange of views on the group's achievements and parliamentary activities until the end of the legislature
  • Exchange of views on the EGP Manifesto

12h30-14h00: Lunch

14h00-17h00: Working session

  • (If need be) Continuation of the exchange of views on the EGP Manifesto
  • Discussion on the group's and EGP campaign, possible major events and campaign tools

17h30-20h00: External activities

Thursday, 3rd October

Morning: Departure for Brussels

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