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Protecting the 2024 Elections: From Alarm to Action

How the DSA can protect democracy by meaningfully addressing the virality of disinformation and hate speech

Societies across Europe are becoming more polarised, and widespread disinformation undermines trust in democratic institutions and electoral processes. Online platforms have spurred the proliferation of conspiracy theories, and disinformation, and actively encouraged toxic polarization as an anti-democratic instrument. With the widespread accessibility of large language models, this phenomenon is set to be supercharged. In light of the looming risks facing the 2024 European elections, rigorous enforcement of the Digital Services Act (DSA) is crucial – and with the integrity of European democracy at stake, the responsibility is monumental.  

This event will explore electoral integrity in the online information space with a particular focus on engagement-based ranking and incentivising the production of divisive content. How can DSA implementation support the integrity of elections? What can platforms do to stop harmful amplification? How do less toxic recommender systems look like and what are the alternatives for content ranking on social media platforms? What can the European Commission and enforcement agencies do to make sure that elections take place in a safe online environment?

This event will be co-chaired by MEPs Katalin Cseh, Renew Europe and Paul Tang, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats. It will be livestreamed on YouTube. The event will be followed by some drinks and snacks.





Room JAN 6Q2
European Parliament, Brussels


  • Frances Haugen, Former Facebook Employee & Whistleblower; Advocate for Public Oversight of Social Media


  • Maria Ressa, CEO of Rappler, Journalist, Author, Freedom Advocate and 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Winner 



15:00 Welcome

15:05 Keynote Speech by Frances Haugen

15:20 1. Panel: recommender systems, disinformation, elections and the DSA 


  • Renate Nikolay, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, EU Commission
  • Marc Faddoul, transdisciplinary technologist, expert on recommender systems and algorithmic audit, Director and Co-Founder of AI-Forensics
  • Tanya O'Carroll, independent advisor, strategist and leader focused on tech accountability, human rights and social justice

16:20-16:30 Coffee break

16:30-17:45 2. Panel: CSO meet enforcement authorities roundtable - the future of recommender systems


  • Katarzyna Szymielewicz, Co-Founder and President of the Panoptykon Foundation
  • Arturo Bejar, Whistleblower, former Facebook employee and consultant for Instagram
  • Dr. Martin Degeling, Technical Expert "Auditing of Recommendation Systems" at the Stiftung Neue Verantwortung
  • Felix Kröner, Policy Advisor at
  • Emily Gorcenski, Data Scientist, Thoughtworks
  • Anne Marie Pollock, Director of Policy, “Democracy and Fundamental Rights”, Coimisiún na Meán
  • Dr. Julia Marquier, Head of Unit “Net Neutrality, Platform Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence” at the German enforcement authority, Bundesnetzagentur
    Dr. Prabhat Agarwal, Head of Unit of the 'Digital Services and Platforms' Unit at the European Commission's DG CONNECT

17:45 CONCLUDING REMARKS by Maria Ressa

18:00 Drinks and snacks



Responsible MEPs

Alexandra Geese
Alexandra Geese

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