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Spanish Veto on Renewables

an unsustainable and anti-European decision

Join us for an event at the Parliament on the negative impact of the new Spanish legislation on solar energy.

In recent years, Spain was being a leading country in solar energy. Not only renewables were progressively growing inside the global electrical "share" of our country, but a true specialized infrastructure was also developed, an infrastructure that was also export-oriented and a great engine for job creation.

However, recent measures undertaken by the current Government have dramatically changed the situation, to the point that they are close to completely destroy a leading sector. At the event we will have a chance to listen to activists, investors, journalists and lawyers on the issue and  know about  Pellworm, Germany´s green energy island, by Hannes Lorenzen, political advisor of the Greens/EFA.

The Special Regime Energy's quotas being indefinitely and retroactively suspended in 2012 together with the cancellation of the norm developing the necessary technical conditions for connection to the network of small power production facilities under net-metering rules will make it impossible for the Spanish Government to achieve the European Union´s environmental objectives.

Finally, tiresome red tape and electricity companies´ reluctance to enable connection to the grid for those facilities selling in the open market are also slowing down the momentum of renewable energies in general. On the grounds of "network saturation", they intend to control their interests in other energy sources and block small renewable energy producers' initiative.

Recently, the European Energy Commissioner, Mr. Günther Oettinger, spoke against retroactive measures that, by nature, could bring legal uncertainty and undermine foreign investors´ trust in the Spanish market,  not only in the renewable energy market  but in general.

Organised and hosted by Greens/EFA MEP Jordi Sebastià and Primavera Europa.



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