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INTRODUCTION Initiatives on education in the field of environment have been often undertaken on the basis of some private initiatives (like the agro-ecological center of les Amanins) which succeeded in building up partnerships with institutions encouraging new models of governance at school ( the Basque School Agenda 21 with José Alvarez); some took a lead on the coordination of artistic movements and interventions at school, like MUS-E and its European projects like "Green Voices" (Marianne Poncelet). But the question remains: how do we combine these experiences with the challenges to be faced : climate change, sharing earth, respect to nature, consciousness for food and alternative, healthy and sustainable ways to grow our food, energy saving.. how do we see the role education (not only of children) and prevention can play? Also how do we face these questions on a practical level (Brid Conneely and the international experience of eco-schools and education to climate change or respect of forests) and on a change in policy making at local level?  PROGRAMME This conference is organised by Greens/EFA MEPs Helga Trüpel, Ernest Maragall, Michèle Rivasi. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in English, French, Spanish and German.

Introduction followed by

Examples of intervention at school :

  • Short film on "Les Amanins", school in Drôme (France), with a pedagogy bringing children closer to nature
  • Marianne Poncelet, International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, MUS-E projects "Green voices" and artist's intervention at schools on environment

Challenges to be faced with:

  • José Alvarez,  the Basque experience of Education for sustainability: School Agenda21
  • Bried Conneely, International Eco-Schools Director

Greens/EFA Action plan