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TECH YOUR PICK: new rules for online advertising

Greens/EFA’s Webinar. Register here

The Digital Services Act package (DSA, DMA) is Europe’s ambitious plan to revise the rules on how online services, such as social media networks, should be regulated.

The proposals are a key opportunity to strengthen user rights, and to give people back control over the choices they make online. They include rules on surveillance-based online advertising and practices that online services use to manipulate users, such as targeting, nudging and other so-called dark patterns. The proposals will be essential to shape the central aspects of the internet for the years to come and for Europe to become a global standard-setter.

This webinar series will host renowned international experts.. The speakers will start off with lightning talks and share  their insights with us, followed by a moderated exchange and an openQ&A session, as we want to encourage a participative discussion.

In the first episode,  we covered how the Digital Markets Act could strengthen users’ rights, encourage the development of an open, pluralistic digital environment, and creating new opportunities for innovative digital services. 


When? 13th October from 17:00 to 18:30

This second webinar will explore why SMEs, NGOs, academics, publishers and politicians in Europe and across the Atlantic have increasingly raised concerns regarding the harms to privacy, competition and online economy created by behavioural and microtargeted advertising. 

Stricter rules for online advertising are being proposed on both sides of the Atlantic: the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act might well include new limitations. For instance, in the USA, bills for a ban on microtargeting as well as greater transparency have been proposed. Digital services and publishers already seem to have started abandoning targeting and tracking practices. What do these developments mean for the economy and the financing of our media?

This webinar will present the findings of a new study, released in September, and will investigate how the DSA and DMA can ensure strong user rights while paving the way for innovative online advertising practices.

Greens/EFA MEP, Alexandra Geese, will be joined by:

  • Duncan McCann - Senior Researcher at New Economics Foundation

  • Jason Kint - CEO of Digital Content Next


  • Introduction by Alexandra Geese MEP (10 minutes)

  • Lightning talks and exchange of ideas with digital experts (40 minutes)

  • Questions and answers (20 minutes) 

  • Conclusion by Alexandra Geese MEP (5 minutes)



Responsible MEPs

Alexandra Geese
Alexandra Geese

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