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The European Pillar of Social Rights: the tool for a just climate transition?

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The European Commission will soon release its Action Plan for the European Pillar of Social Rights. The Portuguese Council Presidency has stated in its top 3 priorities that it wants to use the EU Social Pillar as a key element for ensuring a fair and inclusive climate transition. The 20 rights and protections outlined in the social pillar are important to defend as Europe transitions to a new economic model. Social rights must go hand in hand with the climate transition. But how far will the social pillar go in upholding social rights? And to what extent does it provide the tools to bring about the climate transition in a socially fair way? 
Experts from civil society will discuss and put key questions to Greens/EFA MEPs Mounir Satouri and Kim van Sparrentak.

When?: 11-12:15, Friday 19 February

Draft Programme:
11-11:05  Opening remarks from Greens/EFA MEP, Kim van Sparrentak
Introductions and panel discussion moderated by: Dr. Shannon Pfohman, Policy and Advocacy Director, Caritas Europa 

  • Elif Gündüzyeli, Coal Policy Coordinator, CAN EUROPE
  • Mathias Maucher, Policy Officer, European Anti Poverty Network
  • Félix Mailleux, Advisor, European Trade Union Confederation

11:45 Q&A with audience
12:00 Concluding remarks from Greens/EFA MEP,  Mounir Satouri



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Responsible MEPs

Mounir Satouri
Mounir Satouri
Kim Van Sparrentak
Kim Van Sparrentak

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