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The future of online advertising: innovative practices on the rise


Join us on 19 April, 12:00 - 13:30 CEST,  for a webinar on the future of online advertising.

Online advertising markets are concentrated amongst a few key players who, in recent years, have profoundly shifted digital advertising practices. Extensive tracking and profiling of users is now commonplace. Increasing concerns regarding brand safety, competition, manipulated market outcomes, privacy, lack of transparency and the spread of disinformation have led legislators to propose limits to targeted ads - and brands to look for alternatives that better protect customers and users.

Alternative advertising practices - such as contextual advertising - are back on the agenda.

  • What are the problems with the advertising market and surveillance-based advertising? What about competition, brand reputation, ad fraud and intransparent financial losses?
  • How can contextual advertising benefit the economy?
  • What are the factors that account for the success of contextual advertising?


12:00 - 12:10  Introduction and opening remarks

12:10 - 13:15 Roundtable discussion and Q&A moderated by Jennifer Baker

13:15 - 13:30 Concluding remarks


Martin Stoev is the co-founder and CEO of AdHash, an advertising technology company focused on rewriting the core protocol powering digital advertising and monetising the open internet. AdHash’s mission is to be the most transparent and efficient way of trading digital ads while maintaining complete user privacy by using no cookies, identifiers or fingerprinting. Martin previously founded AdTrader, an ad tech company serving over 500 clients in 25 countries and successfully leading a class action against Google in California. In 2019, this action resulted in Google refunding $75M to thousands of advertisers and ad agencies. He holds BSc and MA degrees in Physics from the University of Cambridge.

Julie Walther is co-founder of Qwarry, a French ad tech company that helps brands and publishers reinvent advertising through contextual targeting with a full user privacy approach. Before launching Qwarry in 2019, she had already spent 15 years in the adtech industry and developed extensive experience in media sales, marketing technology and management in various roles at Ebay, Yahoo and several independent agencies. Convinced that the adtech industry will soon have to adapt to legal and technical challenges, she took on the task of establishing contextual as the referent solution for the future of digital advertising. Julie holds a MSC in Innovation management from La Sorbonne University.

Erik Bugge is the Founder and CEO of the leading contextual advertising company Kobler. His company has spent the last ten years developing advertising products that respects consumers privacy while delivering high impact for advertisers and increased yield for publishers. Erik Bugge is deeply engaged in bringing privacy to the forefront of the political agenda in Europe, not only due to the human rights aspect, but because the current lack of enforcement hampers innovation and competition in the European market.




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Alexandra Geese
Alexandra Geese

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