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The Tax Fix for a Green and Social Europe

The European Commission thinks it has the right tax mix, but what we really  need is a tax fix. How can the EU make sure that workers pay less? And how can we shift the weight of taxes towards polluters and billionaires?

At the end of November the European Commission will present their idea of how tax should look to be fit for 2050. As the Greens/EFA we think that their idea lacks ambition, we want real tax justice!

But what would real tax justice look like? Join us for our event ‘The Tax Fix for a Green and Social Europe’ on November 8th in Brussels to discuss this!

During the live streamed event, three different panels of experts will discuss why we needa tax shift so that a nurse or a teacher can finally pay less taxes than polluters and billionaires. What’s the role of the EU in all of this? How can we make sure to have asustainable system that's fair for the people and the planet?


The event will take place in English and French on November 8th 2022. It will be hosted in hybrid mode online and at Sparks Meeting in Brussels (Rue Ravenstein, 60)




9:00-9:30 Registrations and morning coffee
9:30-9:40 Welcome by Philippe Lamberts, Co-Chair of the Greens/EFA
9:40-9:50 Presentation of the The Greens/EFA Tax Fix Roadmap - Kira Marie Peter-Hansen and Claude Gruffat, Greens/EFA MEPs

FIRST PANEL 9:50-10:50 The need for a tax shift - people with lower incomes need to stop bearing the tax burden

In the current EU, workers pay a high price for an imbalanced tax system. A system still favouring large companies, accumulated wealth, financial speculation and pollution, while work and living situations suffer a higher tax burden to bridge the difference. How to stop this tax inequality? What should the EU do?

Moderated by Elodie Lamer - Correspondent at TaxNotes


Susana Ruiz - Tax Policy Lead at Oxfam
Ruud de Mooij - Assistant Director of Fiscal Affairs at the IMF
Rasmus Andresen - The Greens/EFA MEP
Benjamin Angel - Director of Direct Taxation at the European Commission

10:50-11:10 Coffee break

SECOND PANEL 11:10-12:10 Climate polluters must pay - how can we green our economy?

The transition out of fossil fuels to energy efficiency and renewable energy has never been as important and crucial as now. Unfortunately, the EU is not doing enough to facilitate this transition. How can the tax system help stop climate change? What would the EU need to bring to the table?

Moderated by Wester Van Gaal (EU Observer)


Femke Groothuis - President of Ex’Tax
Tatiana Falcao PhD - International and Environmental Tax Expert
Bas Eickhout - The Greens/EFA MEP
Kurt Van Dender - Head of the Tax and Environment Unit at the OECD

THIRD PANEL 12:15-13:15 More transparency for fairer taxes - finding the money to close the gap

Even if we recently achieved public country-by-country reporting, there is a lot of homework to do for the EU in terms of transparency. With little to no data available about who owns what and where, it is increasingly hard to tax billionaires and oligarchs and have real tax justice. How can the EU achieve real transparency and guarantee that those who have the most don’t skip the rules?

Moderator: Diego Velazquez (Luxemburger Wort)


Olivier Boutellis Taft - CEO of Accountancy Europe
Irma Mosquera Valderrama PhD - Professor of Tax Governance at Universiteit Leiden
Ernest Urtasun - The Greens/EFA MEP
Mona Barake - Postdoctoral scholar at the EU Tax Observatory

13:20-13:30 Final remarks by Vula Tsetsi - EGP Committee Member and Greens/EFA Secretary General

13:30-14:30 You’re all very welcome to stay for our networking lunch!


Policy Paper

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The Roadmap Towards a Green Tax Fix


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Debriefing of the October II plenary session

Policy Paper

Raining cash

Extraordinary profits mean extraordinary taxes


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Plenary Flash - 17-20 October 2022

Responsible MEPs

Rasmus Andresen
Rasmus Andresen
Bas Eickhout
Bas Eickhout
Claude Gruffat
Claude Gruffat
Philippe Lamberts
Philippe Lamberts
Kira Peter-Hansen
Kira Peter-Hansen
Ernest Urtasun
Ernest Urtasun

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