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MEPs condemn aid convoy attack by Israel

A press release by EFA MEPs Jill Evans (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales) and Frieda Brepoels (N-VA)

MEPs Jill Evans and Frieda Brepoels from the European Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament are urging the European Union to hold Israel to account for attacking an aid convoy sailing in international waters.

The attack by the Israeli Defence force killed at least ten people in the ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Both MEPs have served on the European Parliament's Palestine Delegation and visited Gaza several times. Their most recent visit was in January where they witnessed the effects of the Israeli siege

Jill Evans said:

"I visited Gaza in January and saw the desperate situation with people struggling to survive because of the Israeli blockade. The United Nations told us that the amount of humanitarian aid being allowed in by Israel was inadequate to provide even enough food for people.

"Israel must lift the siege of Gaza which is collective punishment and illegal under international law.

"I condemn the violent attack on the aid ships. There must be a full, independent investigation carried out by the UN and action taken. The European Union must now also take action. We should suspend our trade agreement until Israel ends the illegal siege of Gaza."

Frieda Brepoels added:

"Israel refuses to lift its siege of Gaza and keeps on occupying Palestinian land, against all international rules.

"This intimidation will make the conflict even worse than it is and does not contribute to a solution in the region. Adequate sanctions are appropriate".

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