A smooth but maybe too cautious operator

Greens/EFA assessment of Carlos Moedas, following his hearing


Greens/EFA MEP Reinhard Bütikofer comments the hearing of Carlos Moedas

What is your overall impression of how commissioner-designate Moedas performed?

He certainly is an experienced politician and a smooth operator. He avoided the danger zones. He did not trip up, did not offend, he told a convincing European story about himself. Where he stands on a lot of issues of substance remains to be seen. He was too cautious to commit to specific positions.

Were there particular issues or answers that stood out – either in a positive or negative sense?

Sustainable development in general is not his strong suit, but on energy issues there were a few indications that he might take a more progressive view than his predecessor. On the question of how to achieve the much proclaimed goal of spending 3 % of GDP for research and development which was asked at least three times, he basically dodged.

Do you think he is suitable for the portfolio for which they have been proposed?

I am optimistic that he will do better than Máire Geoghegan-Quinn. 

Out of ten, what marks would you give his hearing performance?

 I gave him six.

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