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Ana Miranda confronts ECB on mortgage prices

EFA MEP Ana Miranda has intervened in plenary today to denounce the staggering rise of mortgage prices across Europe in front of the European Central Bank representatives.

Ana Miranda MEP, called out the interest rates from the ECB and the impact this is having on her constituents in Galiza. 

“The increase in interest rates by the European Central Bank last year and so far this year is a fraud, a real scandal.”

“This rise, translated into the street language, can reach 300 euros per month more in the mortgages of families who, like the Galician families, have fewer and fewer resources.” She said.

MEP Miranda confronted the representatives over their policies and the consequences this will have for citizens who are already suffering from the cost of living crises.

“The ECB manufactures poverty by promoting policies that favour the interests of big capital and are contrary to the social majorities. The ECB manufactures poor people, families who can hardly pay their mortgages or who become homeless.”

“They bail out banks and leave people abandoned.” She added. 

The Galizan MEP questioned the ECB President, Mrs Christine Lagarde, over her intentions to improve the life of the working people and the lack of support they are receiving now. 

“Do you have any sensitivity for what people are suffering?”

“Mrs Lagarde, you are responsible: for the policies that impoverish and austerity, for policies that increase public debt in the EU to save private banks and make the rich richer and richer, like the Spanish banks that last year earned more than ever before!”

Ana Miranda MEP highlighted the need for proposals that support our citizens and that the funds are allocated to those with wages lower than their state average income.

“That is why we defend, against this injustice that the ECB decides comfortably from the armchair, a financial rescue financed by the banks to help the people affected by this increase in interest rates.”
“ Stop manufacturing poor” She concluded.


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