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Ana Miranda remembers Allende on the 50th anniversary of his assassination.

EFA MEP Ana Miranda intervened in plenary today on the commemorative debate of the 50th anniversary of the murder of Salvador Allende.


The assassination of the Chilean President, Mr Salvador Allende happened during the 1973 Coup d’etat led by Pinochet and the Chilean army with the help of the United States. 


“50 years after the coup d'état in Chile and the assassination of the president of the Unidad Popular. Salvador Allende's project is still alive, in the demands for equality, historical memory, democracy and freedom (which have been in the air in Chile, especially since the social uprising).”


“Allende was betrayed and killed because he was fighting inequality in Chile with transformative changes. Without stepping back, he paid for his loyalty to the people with his life.”


The Galician MEP highlighted the work of Allende and the improvements he achieved for Chile under his presidency, and what he represented for socialist movements across the globe and throughout history.


“The humanist Allende, the Marxist and socialist Allende is the heritage of the world, not only of Chile, he is an international reference point whom many organisations respect and it is right to pay tribute to him today in the European Parliament. As he was honoured yesterday in the streets and pavements of Chile. That is why today more than ever he is alive and is the opposite of the extreme right-wing forces that attack democratic governments with hate speeches.”


“Allende is the NEVER AGAIN. Never again to torture, murder, exile and disappearances. Allende is Democracy, dignity, and equality. Salvador Allende is the People.”


“Because as he said "they have the strength, they can subjugate us, but social processes cannot be stopped either with crime or with force. History IS OURS AND THE PEOPLE MAKE IT". She concluded




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European Parliament building in Strasbourg / © European Union 2019 / Architecture-Studio
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Ana Miranda

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