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Catalonia's Water Crisis: A sobering call for Climate action

EFA President Jordi Solé intervened in plenary today on the dire situation Catalonia is. 
With water reserves plummeting to a precarious 16% in internal basins, emergency conditions have been imposed on 6 million inhabitants, marking a critical juncture in the battle against water scarcity in what is the biggest drought in history. 
“In Catalonia we are suffering from the worst drought since we have records. Today, it would take 9 months of rain to recover the reserves, which are in the internal basins by 16%.”
“If the rain doesn't fall from the sky, we can't stand just looking at the sky waiting” He said
The Catalan government, cognizant of the escalating crisis, has been implementing measures over the past two years to meticulously manage the scarce water resources. These efforts include a strategic focus on desalination and regeneration, along with accelerated infrastructure projects designed to optimize the water cycle.
“This is why the Government of the Generalitat has been taking measures for two years, since when we were still at 70% of reserves, performing a surgical management of the little water available and accelerating infrastructure works to optimize the water cycle , betting on desalination and regeneration.” He added.
MEP Solé explained the huge efforts of citizens and various economic sectors, including farmers and livestock keepers, the gravity of the drought has thrust the region into a state of emergency. The bleak reality underscores the immediate need for action and solidarity at a broader European level.
“For months we have been, to a large extent, using water that has not rained. Citizens in general, but also economic activities and in particular farmers and ranchers, have been making a significant saving effort. But all this has not been enough. We will have to continue saving, optimising and investing in new infrastructure.” He stressed 
During the speech, The Catalan MEP explained how Catalonia's predicament is not isolated; it mirrors the challenges faced by other European Union nations This desperate call for unity extends beyond national borders, emphasising the interconnected nature of environmental challenges. Catalonia's plea for support is a clarion call for European nations to unite against this environmental crisis. 
“Today it is Catalonia that suffers the most from the drought, yesterday it was Portugal, tomorrow it will be another country in the European Union.” He said
Jordi Solé, EFA Group president finished his speech by urging that it is not just a regional issue but a continental one, requiring swift and cooperative action to secure the future of water resources across the European landscape. The current crisis in Catalonia serves as a poignant reminder that the time for collective action is now.
“The effects of climate change are there and this emergency requires both a long view, but also immediate action and solidarity, and European support.” He concluded.


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Jordi Solé
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