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Diana Riba: “Let’s be more rigorous, or soon there will be no democracy nor Rule of Law left”

EFA MEP Dian Riba i Giner intervened in plenary during the debate of the Rule of Law in many European countries but with a special focus on Spain and Malta.
Riba i Giner MEP challenged the narrow vision of the European Commission had used for the Rule of Law report.
“If there is one thing that is clear to us in the Greens/EFA group, it is that it is urgent to broaden the scope of the European Commission's report on the rule of law to also cover issues such as the state of democracy and fundamental rights in the Member States. “ She said.
The Catalan MEP brushed close to home and emphasized the lack of mention of Spanish human rights breach cases, highlighting the need to introduce them.
“If I open the report to the page referring to the Spanish state, for example, there is no trace of the plot formed by corrupt journalists, police and judges who coordinated under the baton of the Interior Ministry of the PP to blackmail, extort, fabricate hoaxes and falsify reports in order to put an end to Catalan independence.” She added. 
“Nor is there any trace, either, of the 65 cases of illegal spying with Pegasus that different Spanish governments have carried out  against Catalan leaders.”
Diana Riba i Giner MEP took the opportunity to not only mention the Catalan cases that should be included but the many other Rule of Law breaches that happened across the member state, alerting of the consequences this can have for our democracies. 
“But there is also no trace of the structural corruption affecting the head of state.”
“No trace of the imprisonment of rappers like Pablo Hasel, who was convicted for singing. No trace of the murders of migrants on the southern border. “ 
“Let’s be more rigorous, or soon there will be no democracy nor Rule of Law left.
She concluded


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