Unity in diversity - EFA
Unity in diversity - EFA


EFA in the European Parliament

Summary overview of the work of EFA MEPs in the European Parliament 2014 -2019

The European Free Alliance (EFA) Group in the European Parliament is made up of MEPs representing Europe’s stateless nations, regions and minorities.

Over the 2014 -2019 Parliamentary term, EFA MEPs have come from Catalonia, Galicia, Latvia, Basque Country, Scotland, Valencia and Wales.

The work of EFA MEPs has covered a wide range of policy areas, guided by the following principles:

  • the right to self-determination
  • decentralised decision-making
  • defending human rights and civil liberties
  • protecting the environment
  • sustainable economic development

This report is intended to give a brief overview of some of the highlights of the group’s work during this parliamentary term.