EMIS hearing 20 June 2016

Nick Molden, Emission analytics “People preferred not to know there was a problem.”

Latest speaker of the day in the Committee of inquiry into Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector (EMIS) was Nick Molden from Emission analytics. This organisation is specialised in portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) testing and data analysis, which is made publicly available. He raised the following key points: The New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) was not necessarily bad at first, but for a long time was now a very outdated system. Failure by omission was key here. On the question on whether or not the NEDC was not updated on purpose he responded very clearly: “People preferred not to know there was a problem.” The Committee Members raised many questions on the inaccuracy of the PEMS system. Analysis from JRC indicated the current PEMS tests have 30% inaccuracy. According to Nick Molden this uncertainty can be brought down to 25% or even 10%, depending on the accuracy of calibration. As heard in already several statements from different experts in the hearings, the emission standard euro6 for LDV (Light Duty Vehicle) can be met in real world driving. Nick Molden says the following: ”US standards, which are less than half of EU limits, have been met in normal use already for many, many years. The current EU standard can absolutely be met at this moment.” His main conclusion is the following: US has been applying a more aggressive regulation. “For some European manufacturers it wasn’t such an urgent matter to comply."

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