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François Alfonsi warns of the change in relationships between the EU and the UK.

EFA MEP François Alfonsi and member of the Delegation to the EU-UK Parliamentary Partnership Assembly intervened in plenary to talk about the latest developments on the new Windsor Agreement. 

François Alfonsi MEP discussed the recent developments for the Windsor agreement and highlighted the fact that the regions that are suffering more the consequences of Brexit are those who voted overwhelmingly against it.

“Brexit was a bad decision. It has had a negative impact on the European Union, just as it has had a negative impact on the United Kingdom.”

“ And within the UK, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are suffering the most serious consequences of this decision. I recall that Scotland and Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly against Brexit and are suffering the consequences against their will.“ He said.

The Corscina MEP compared the precarious situation the negotiations were with the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and how hard to negotiate with his government was, and highlighted the necessity and importance of the new agreement that will help restore trust in the process. 

“Under former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the UK was on a very negative path. The proposed Interpretation Bill, which was unilaterally tabled by the UK government, was a very bad signal.” 

The Windsor Agreement, which has just been negotiated, provides for the withdrawal of this bill, which distorted the Northern Ireland Protocol. This was absolutely necessary to restore mutual confidence in the negotiations”. He added. 

Alfonsi MEP welcomed the change of direction in the current Government from the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and believes this optimistic change will help the often most punished regions in the UK.

“The positive developments since the new First Minister, Rishi Sunak, took office, if confirmed, allow for a resumption of the dialogue and for Ireland's interests to be taken into account in a sustainable way. “

François Alfonis EFA MEP concluded his interventions with a reminder of how much the relationships between the UK and the EU have changed after Brexit and warned his colleagues to be more alert. 

“The final text, which our group will vote on tomorrow, sets out the issues at stake: moving forward, rebuilding lasting trust with the British leaders, and vigilance! Because, whether we like it or not, the relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom has changed permanently since Brexit.”


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