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Greens/EFA call on Juncker and Commission to rethink direction of Europe

An alternative scenario...

Jean-Claude Juncker released 5 possible scenarios for the short-term direction of Europe. We believe that there was a scenario missing, one that presents a vision for Europe that embraces sustainability, transparency and human rights. The European Commission must have left such a scenario option in their drawer, so here’s what we imagine it must have looked like.

Scenario 6

With pro-European Emmanuel Macron winning the French Presidential Election, the time is now for the European Union to become more ambitious as we move towards 2025. If we want to contend with the problems facing the EU, we need a bold vision for our union. As Philippe Lamberts said at the time of the scenario’s announcements: “We need the EU institutions and the Member States to change. As long as EU policy continues to benefit big conglomerates and not citizens, we will not regain their confidence.”