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Jordi Solé Calls for unity to implement the Green Deal

EFA Group President Jordi Solé intervened in plenary today to appeal for a broader consensus to implement the Green Deal successfully.

Jordi Solé MEP welcomes the Commission’s proposal of the A Green Deal Industrial Plan but believes there are improvements necessary to make the Plan more robust.

In this respect, for example, it is positive that the Commission has presented the Green Pact Industrial Plan and especially the law on zero net emissions industries.”

“This is the first legislative proposal of the Union dedicated to industrial policy and with a perspective of strategic sovereignty.” He said.

However, MEP Solé challenged the Council for the often resurging of already agreed policies that delay and impede any progress. He also called out the National Governments and institutions that lower down their ambitions to tackling Climate Change. 

“However, these days we see how in the Council debates and political agreements already closed are reopened, around very important measures for the fight against climate change such as the end of combustion engines in 2035.”

“And there are many other examples of how some governments, and some groups in this House, are trying to systematically lower the ambition in the deployment of the measures of the Green Pact. “ He added. 

Jordi Solé, EFA Group President, encouraged colleagues across the institutions to not differ from the main objectives of the Green Transformation. 

“But now is not the time to be divided, now is the time to maintain the political unity and ambition that will allow us to move forward in the green transformation and to be leaders in more competitive industries, translating to more sustainable industries.” He Concluded. 


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Jordi Solé
Jordi Solé
EFA President and first Vice President of the Greens/EFA Group

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