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New EFA MEP Ana Miranda: A voice for Galiza

The Greens/EFA group has welcomed today a new EFA MEP, Ana Miranda Paz, for the Bloque Nacionalista Galego (BNG) from Galiza.

Ana Miranda, first elected in 2012 for the constituency of Spain, is now taking her seat in parliament as part of a dual mandate. Miranda has always been an inexhaustible voice for Galiza and the right to self-determination.

During her press conference today, Ana Miranda pledged to fight for feminism, social justice and a green transition.

We will have a more social, feminist and ecological seat than ever, in which we commit to working without pause so that Galicia is heard. We did not come to the European Parliament to defend the business "lobbies", but to defend the Galician People." Ana Miranda MEP said. 

Present at the press conference was as well the leader of BNG and member of the Galician Parliament, Ana Ponton.

Today, the BNG does not win a seat; Galicia wins it. And we will use this decision-making capacity to defend the interests of our country. This seat of Ana Miranda is a seat with free hands, against the interests of the state parties and against the economic powers.” Ponton highlighted. 

Apart from fisheries, social justice and feminism, MEP  Ana Miranda will also maintain an internationalist vision, one of EFA’s core values, by participating in the delegations of the Eurolat (Latin America), Andean community, Chile, Palestine, Turkey, and, of course, defending Western Sahara and Kurdistan’s rights amongst others. 

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Ana Miranda
Ana Miranda

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