Pesticide Action Week 20-30 March

10 days of action for a pesticide-free world!

The Pesticide Action Week is back this year with its 10th edition. This annual international event is open to all and aims to raise awareness on the health and environmental risks of synthetic pesticides. The event furthermore strives to highlight (the many?) alternatives for a pesticide-free world. It is taking place from 20th to 30th March, the 10 first days of spring during which the spreading of pesticides resumes. Initiated in 2006 by the French organisation Générations Futures, this event currently takes place in more than 16 countries. Every year the event gets bigger and stronger in Europe and globally, with gatherings, conferences, panel discussions, film shows, workshops, site visits, symbolic marches, open farms, stands, exhibitions, and more worldwide. The issue of pesticides and their alternatives remains a central health, agricultural and environmental topic which continues to mobilise people across the world. We are all exposed directly or indirectly to pesticides and further agrochemicals simply via the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Household products and those used for gardening similarly put us at risk.   Pesticides have serious impacts on our environment and our health.  Groups such as pregnant women and children are particularly vulnerable. At  European level, 2015 is a key year for food and  pesticides, with the following issues on the table:
  • Endocrine disruptor related legislation (which concerns many pesticides): definition of the criteria on which ED to ban
  • TTIP talks and the impact of this free-trade agreement on pesticide use
  • End of the 2-year ban on neonicotinoids and follow-up decision on further use of  these category of pesticides
The Greens/EFA has  long been at the forefront of the fight against synthetic pesticides,   repeatedly demanding EU legislation and  initiating campaigns such as its Give Bees a Chance campaign, aiming to end the negative impacts of pesticides and GMOs on bees and related food products. This year, in contribution to the Pesticide Action Week, the Greens/EFA will share information on these various EU related topics throughout the 10 days of the Pesticide Action Week (PAW). You can follow us online here and also on social media (Twitter and Facebook), to watch and share our videos, interviews, and blogs calling for pesticide free alternatives. Check out also how to take action in the Pesticide Action Week in your country and say yes to pesticide-free food here:

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